An Adventure beyond Your Imagination

Always use the road less travelled, use the homes, hostelries and cafes of the locals, and visit the secret places that you learn about on the way will always make your discovery of an exotic place personal and unique.

Understanding that true learning is had through self-exploration, don’t cram every day with a dense itinerary, but leave plenty of time to explore or to take it easy as you wish.

Combine the highlights of the region with some of the lesser-known wonders. Get ‘off-the-beaten-track’, and indulge your genuine passion for exploration.

The amount and type of travel can vary quite considerably. We advocate you getting 'really out there', perhaps on untamed and far-flung overland trip on little-used dirt tracks - visit north of Mongolia-Altai e, try a grand tour of Morocco, take a hike in Bali, or best of all, visit North Korea.

Travel and Medical Insurance

Travel and Medical Insurance when going to Korea

If you are planning to travel outside of United Kingdom, it is strongly recommended that you obtain additional private medical insurance and fully understand what your policy covers. This is especially necessary if travelling outside of the EU (European Union).

Health Insurance Plans offers limited cover for medical emergencies outside the UK. That's why having additional medical coverage when abroad goes a long way in ensuring nothing hurts your travel plans.

Reasonable travel insurance will typically cost 4 to 7 percent of the price of the trip, with fees based on the traveller’s age and on the length of the trip, and the destination. There are added premiums if you intend to take part in hazardous sports such as skiing.

Today, online technology is tightly integrated with insurance providers, allowing you to quickly buy on-line with confidence as well as being able thoroughly research every feature of the policy you want.